Malcolm Garrett
Cold Steel, Hot Stuff

Ruler incremented to show hot (ºF) and cold (ºC).
184 x 32 mm
Stainless steel, nitrile bonded cork composite.
Laser cut and etched, screen-printed, die cut, glued.
Created exclusively for CONTAINER #1:Hot&Cold in an edition of 200.

Malcolm Garrett is an British graphic designer whose iconic work with bands such as Buzzcocks, Magazine, Simple Minds, Duran Duran and Peter Gabriel has informed the work of a whole generation of graphic designers. That said, perhaps his more significant achievement has been to pioneer the application of digital technology in graphic design, his studio being one of the first to adopt Apple computers and to commit exclusively to digital technology in 1990. He has written and spoken extensively about the future of digital design and is regarded as a key influence on contemporary UK pop culture.

Website: Malcolm Garrett

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